Erik’s Testpage


Hi, as the title suggests, this is largely a test site I use to quickly publish information, and test things I’m playing with.  It’s primarily authored in iWeb, though a fair amount of it gets tweaked to do things my way. If you find that the formatting inconsistencies, somewhat schizophrenic gui, and easter egg like orphaned pages bother you, please don’t think of them as shortcomings in Apple’s software, I’m afraid I’ve got a text editor (vim), and I’m not afraid to use it.

This is definitely not a production website, I think of it more along the lines of an online restaurant napkin, where I from time to time host quick proof of concepts, to test various ideas out before they go somewhere that someone might actually visit.

Unless specifically exempted, all content, images, source code, etc. found on this site should be considered copyrighted material.  Unless otherwise noted, I am the copyright holder of what you will find on these pages.


This is one of my homes on the web.

Ok, the format is pretty cool, I guess I’ll dig through some pictures, and put a few of my own in here.